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Robinia wood – The ecological and cost-effective alternative

Robinia is naturally resistant and generally does not require chemical wood preservation. Robinia wood that is produced in Europe is particularly environmentally friendly and resistant. We can supply this specialist type of wood in a range of machined forms – please contact us!

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Robinia wood


Robinia (Robinia pseudoacacia)

  • Durability:
    • Cl. 1–2 (DIN 68364/EN 350-2)
  • Quality:
    • Untreated, unsorted, typical wood characteristics
  • Permitted:
    • To the extent that they do not significantly impair use: Isolated unhealthy points, infrequent occurrence of a hollow core, discolouration due to tannic acid and weathering (the wood remains healthy underneath the outer discolouration)
  • Cracks:
    • The formation of cracks is permitted according to TÜV in line with DIN 7926-1/Section 4.2.7 and does not represent an increased hazard.
  • Note:
    • General remarks are often insufficient for various uses. Please discuss your minimum requirements for specific projects with us.