Seat blocks

Areas of use

  • Schools, kindergartens
  • Parks

Types of wood

  • Oak
  • Robinia


Sawn, planed, sanded, chamfered


  • Model: „Babelsberg“ 14 × 24 cm incl. legs – other dimensions are also possible!
  • Model: „Nebra“ 30 × 40, 40 × 40, 40 × 50 cm – other dimensions are also possible!

Lengths: As specified (Not all dimensions are available in every type of wood – please contact us.)

Custom-made products

Are you looking for a particular length or diameter? Please contact us!

Oak wood


Oak (all native types)

  • Durability:
    • 2 (DIN-EN 350-2/natural durability) recommended to a lesser extent for permanent contact with the soil, sapwood without durability properties
  • Advantages:
    • Durable without chemical wood preservation for structures without permanent soil contact, available in all dimensions, also in sleeper shapes
  • Quality:
    • Untreated, unsorted, typical characteristics for this wood type
  • Permitted:
    • Dark blue discolourations due to tannic acid, middle-grey discolourations due to weathering (the wood remains healthy underneath the outer discolourations).